Skin and Soul, now in the Middle East

Skin and Soul, now in the Middle East

It surely has been a very exciting and successful journey for Skin and Soul since they started in Canada a couple of years ago. But who would have guessed that the big reason for such a big success was the love people have for Moroccan products.

For Skin and Soul, the online business was growing fast and the majority of sales came from countries other than Canada, primarily Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

It was only logic to start a solid business cooperation with a team from Dubai who knew our business well and had a passion for it, said Negar Mirfakhraei, founding partner of Skin and Soul, Canada.

I am happy to confirm that we have partnered with MAHAM, a specialist marketing agency, to help us be closer to our Middle East customers.

All Skin and Soul products are now available in the Middle East and can ship cheaper and quicker from Dubai to the whole region from Morocco to India and Pakistan at more attractive prices.


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