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From The Depths Of Exotic Morocco Comes The Ancient Secrets Of Beauty

MAHAM’s Skin and Soul Middle East is the official brand ambassador and the sales arm of Skin and Soul Canada. We cater for the Middle East region. Our journey began with the women of Morocco and they continue to be the inspiration and foundation for the work that we do.

Benita and Negar, the founders of Skin and Soul in Canada, have both experienced the benefits of the centuries old skincare secrets of the Moroccan berber women. Intrigued by the stories of its unique production and recognizing a need in the marketplace for simple organic skincare, SKIN and SOUL was born.

At Skin and Soul we strive to empower the rural Berber women of Morocco with sustainable incomes and we are committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing the natural resources behind our brand. Together we bring commitment, passion and integrity to everything we do.

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